Friday, March 10, 2017

Personal NFL Post

In the final weeks of blogging, the NFL blog prepares to end. Currently in the NFL many teams are signing new players to their teams in free agency. Unlike usual informative posts, I want to write something of an opinion/summary on the NFL blog and the stories it has covered. I have loved watching the NFL for as long as I can remember. Im sure Vikings fans like myself and others can agree that we are some of the most devoted fans every season. Every season we cheer for them through loss and victory. Many times the Vikings have shown that they are capable of a Super Bowl win, only to end up losing when the win was needed most.

Not only am I a Vikings fan, but I respect many of the players committed to the sport. I have always viewed Rob Gronkowski (Patriots) as a role model. Throughout the NFL there are many players that are role models, they provide a great amount of support for their fans and community. Football, like many other important events makes memories. Nobody forgets spending those lazy Sunday afternoons watching an intense game of football with their family.

Football isn't only a sport, it brings people together. Sure a lot of sporting events bring people together, but there is nothing like watching the Super Bowl with your friends and family. Football teaches teamwork and life skills involved with winning and losing. That is why I enjoy the NFL, and I am glad to share what it means to me. With one of the final posts, I'll see you next week!        

Friday, March 3, 2017

NFL Free Agency

Up and coming in the world of the NFL is free agency. At this point in the offseason teams sign and trade various players. Many players are cut from the team if the team and players are unable to make a deal. Players make an offer for a contract length and salary. If the team is unable to provide the salary the player wants they will be cut. In the case of Adrian Peterson the Vikings had no interest in keeping him. In this case if the offer from Peterson was to high the Vikings would drop him. Now that the Vikings have dropped Peterson, he is in free agency.

With very little news on free agency in the NFL at the moment, it is tough to say what is happening. There is currently over 100 top free agency players up for grabs by teams. Although the process is very similar to other sports like hockey, baseball, and basketball, NFL free agency can be very unpredictable. I am very excited to see what the NFL has in store for its next season. Until then, check out the Minnesota Wild! The NFL season maybe over for now but the Wild are generating an electric performance with a fan base that is just as loyal as any NFL fan!

Friday, February 24, 2017

Player Update - Rob Gronkowski

With Rob Gronkowski (Patriots tight end) ending his season in 2016 due to a back injury many are doubting what he has to offer. Although the All-Pro tight end has faced many injuries (8 surgeries) throughout his career, Gronk has proven that he is an important playmaker no matter what. With that being said Gronk himself told reporters that he will "no doubt" be ready for the 2017 season.

Although Gronk has faced many injuries throughout his career it has yet to stop him. The Patriots tight end is now 27 years old and doesn't plan to quit anytime soon. Gronk has stated that he still loves playing the game, and that it he plans to play as long as he can. He has brought forth a good mindset, he just wants to keep on going. This never give up attitude and loyal fan base may be the reason he continues to play at such a high level.

Love or hate the Patriots, you have to respect Rob Gronkowski. Rob has made a number of great contributions to the organization and his fans. Not only does he have a work hard play hard mentality, he is a true role model for aspiring young athletes. Due to the fact that Rob is a role model, it really shows why his fans aren't ready for him to be finished. I myself can't wait to see what Gronk has in store for the next season.     

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Vikings Team Update - Offseason Player Movement

With yet another interesting offseason coming for the Minnesota Vikings we see the movement of some very important positions. Starting off, soon to be 32 year old Adrian Peterson (running back) looks to be moving on from the Vikings. With an $18 million cap hit the Vikings will be looking to give him a heavy pay cut or simply he will be released. With the stagnant offense he had shown at the beginning of the season it doesn't appear his future in Minnesota is very good. Although Peterson is coming off yet another injury and is getting old for his position, a few teams are still interested. The teams include the Texans, Giants, and the Buccaneers.

On top of potentially releasing Adrian Peterson we may see Sharrif Floyd get cut. Sharrif Floyd is on his fifth year contract and suffered a knee injury in the 2016 season only playing one game. Head Coach Mike Zimmer was rather frustrated with Floyd and knows that if he is cut they do not face a cap penalty and would free up more cap room.With the Vikings freeing up cap room by releasing Peterson and Floyd the Vikings could look for younger talent.

Finally it appears that left defensive end Brian Robison will be playing backup behind Danielle Hunter who is a recent star in the Vikings defense. Robison has been with the Vikings for ten seasons and is ok with playing backup. It is only a matter of time if the Vikings will keep him as a backup or cut him. How do you feel about the Vikings potential moves this offseason?       

Friday, February 10, 2017

New England Patriots Super Bowl Champions

If you watched Super Bowl 51 you witnessed history in the making. With the Patriots being down 21-3 at half time it was expected almost certainly that the Atlanta Falcons would win. With yet another touchdown making the game 28 - 9, with the Falcons in the lead many stores and fans began preparing for the new Super Bowl Champions. If there's one thing you don't underestimate its Tom Brady. With 19 unanswered points in the 4th quarter alone, the Patriots were able to tie the game. With the help of James White and Julian Edelman's amazing receiving abilities, it almost seemed effortless. Even a game deciding two point conversion to tie the game was made with ease. If the Patriots wouldn't have made that two point conversion they would have lost. Finally the game went into overtime (the first Super Bowl to ever go into overtime). With the Patriots winning the toss to receive the ball I knew they were going to win. Tom Brady drove his team down the field to win the game with a toss to James White for the game winning touchdown. The final score was 34 - 28 and Tom Brady had officially brought home a fifth Super Bowl ring (breaking the record among quarterbacks for Super Bowl wins.)

Whether you dislike the Patriot's or have no favorite team, you have to admire the skill Tom Brady has. Apparently someone admired his skill so much that his jersey was stolen after the game. Although someone took his game winning jersey Tom was not upset. Tom was happy his team won and celebrated with his team and fans in the days to follow. Brady put up a massive 466 passing yards and two touchdowns. And even though the season was over, that didn't stop the team from celebrating like Gronk after their Super Bowl win!        

Friday, February 3, 2017

Vikings Team Update - QB Postion

The Minnesota Vikings take on a tough offseason as they are faced with many decisions. Much of the offseason talk about the Vikings is simply who their passer will be. By the way it looks as of now Sam Bradford will be the starting quarterback. The issue in question is when will Teddy Bridgewater be able to fully recover. Teddy Bridgewater sustained a hefty knee injury in practice before the beginning of the current season. The media has been swarming on the thought of Teddy missing yet another year. Although the media may be correct, coach Mike Zimmer feels Teddy could be prepared at any point in the season because recovery rates change with his type of injury.

Finally the root of the issue comes about when Teddy comes back. Will Teddy be able to prove he is able to play? I personally hope Teddy can come back to play because he offers a rising star dynamic. Although Bradford has shown he can run the offense somewhat successfully, I feel the QB position is still up for grabs if Teddy can prove himself. The Vikings gave up multiple picks including a first round pick this year for Bradford. So what is your take? Do we play Bradford, who we have gave up so much for, or do we play the young rising star? Time will only tell if Teddy can recover before next season and if he can prove himself. On a slightly less controversial note four of the Vikings players made the top 50 in player sales from March to November. Teddy was the first among the four in his team in 34th out of the top 50 players in the NFL.  

Friday, January 27, 2017

With the Super Bowl 51 on the horizon analysts feel the Patriots will win. It is easy to say that the Patriots will win the Super Bowl because of their previous history. After all, the Patriots now have 4 Super Bowl wins and Tom Brady is looking for his 5th. If Tom Brady and the Patriots are able to defeat the Atlanta Falcons they would  be setting a Franchise record. Bill Belichick and Brady have always been a big threat in the NFL and this may be why they are destined for the Hall of Fame.

It cannot go without being said that the Patriots have faced many cheating allegations. The top cheating scandals within the Brady/Belichick dynamic are "deflategate" and "spygate". Both of the scandals were highly regarded at the time as a means to cheat. Bot times the Patriots organization was punished. The more popular of the two scandals was deflategate(2015). It was said that Tom Brady and one of the organization's members aided in deflation of their own footballs. By deflating the footballs it made the footballs easier to catch therefore making it an unfair advantage.

How do you feel about the Patriots? Do you feel the Patriots deserve to make History in Super Bowl 51? Who do you feel will win Super Bowl 51? In due time we will find out. Make sure to watch the Super Bowl on Sunday, February 5th at 5:30PM on FOX.