Friday, February 24, 2017

Player Update - Rob Gronkowski

With Rob Gronkowski (Patriots tight end) ending his season in 2016 due to a back injury many are doubting what he has to offer. Although the All-Pro tight end has faced many injuries (8 surgeries) throughout his career, Gronk has proven that he is an important playmaker no matter what. With that being said Gronk himself told reporters that he will "no doubt" be ready for the 2017 season.

Although Gronk has faced many injuries throughout his career it has yet to stop him. The Patriots tight end is now 27 years old and doesn't plan to quit anytime soon. Gronk has stated that he still loves playing the game, and that it he plans to play as long as he can. He has brought forth a good mindset, he just wants to keep on going. This never give up attitude and loyal fan base may be the reason he continues to play at such a high level.

Love or hate the Patriots, you have to respect Rob Gronkowski. Rob has made a number of great contributions to the organization and his fans. Not only does he have a work hard play hard mentality, he is a true role model for aspiring young athletes. Due to the fact that Rob is a role model, it really shows why his fans aren't ready for him to be finished. I myself can't wait to see what Gronk has in store for the next season.     


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